The Smart


As consumers become more knowledgeable and demanding on the different delivery formats available, the stakes for creating the next super pill increases. Softigel aims to deliver effective solutions to brands and consumers through the creation Unigel™.

Unigel™ lets multi-functional

ingredients exist in one single dose

Tablets, Capsules and Hard Capsules within one Softgel dosage form! Ideal for companies who want to take their brand to the next level and deliver their consumers simplicity and effectiveness, backed by technology and innovation when taking their medication or dietary supplements.

Unigel™ combines the best of different worlds: consumer preferred dosage forms and multiple-specialized ingredients, into one single product. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of products for different target categories, tailoring our technology to your specific needs.

Features that excite us about Unigel™

Different worlds, One Union.

The Smart Softgel is here to stay

A Smart Softgel for Smart Products

Whether you are looking to formulate new products or enhance an existing line, Unigel™ has the right combination to help you bring improved products to market faster.

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