Meet UnigelTM the smart softgel. Incorporating other delivery systems such as tablets, capsules, microgranules or pellets into one single Softgel Capsule, is now possible.

Unigel Fixed dose combination

THE EUREKA IDEA: How did the research and development process of UnigelTM go?


Innovation sits at the heart of our business. When trying to combine two different API’s that were not compatible in a tablet dosage form, we formulated a barrier that avoids permeation from the liquid phase into the tablet core but without affecting the dissolution rate of the API contained in this dosage form, encapsulating a smaller tablet into a soft gelatin capsule. Encapsulating this tablet into a softgel required the design of a complete new system for being able to make it possible in the encapsulation machine, meaning that the designed system needed to have the ability to fill the soft gelatin capsule with the liquid and cover the tablet at the same time. All the latter was done, machine adaptation, synchronization process and new formulations were the foundations of Unigel™ technology.

Created for patients and consumers who want more in one product, who want simplicity and effectiveness backed by technology and expertise when taking their meds and supplements.



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Unigel™, a first-to-market technology, developed and patented, is designed to combine multiple API formulations into one single soft gelatin capsule, offering different release modes, bioavailability enhancement, lower manufacturing costs (vs. two separate doses) and superior adherence to different therapies. 


The versatility of Unigel™ technology is such that it allows us to think in different formulas for a wide spectrum target in the dietary supplement industry, meaning that it is possible to have products in different categories such as: Prenatal, Cardio, Vision, Brain, Digestive Health, Immune health, Joint relief, Sleep aid, Beauty, Sports; among others, delivering to the consumer's benefits such as taking fewer pills a day, and having the amount of the key actives you need in one single product.

One of the different advantages of this technology is that allows you to include not just one or two tablets in a softgel but also one or two softgels within a softgel, or even a hard capsule with microgranules within a softgel. Unigel™ is useful for those cases when you try to combine liquid ingredients and one or more ingredients that are dark and thick, and the other is a clear liquid or solution.

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